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UAE Visa Types

Dubai, UAE Visa Types, Visa Periods & Requirements


UAE Government issues several types of visas and entry permits based on the purpose of your visit. We listed below 25 UAE visa types

1Golden Visa for Investors10 Yearsinvestments with a minimum value of AED 2 million in a deposit or a company or a share in a company
2Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors5 yearsMust fully own a real estate property or properties of a minimal value of AED 2,000,000 without a mortgage
3Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs5 YearsMust have a successful project in the UAE of a value of at least AED 500,000
4Golden Visa for Executive Directors10 YearsHold a university degree approved in the UAE. Have a minimum work experience of 5 years as an Executive Director. Have a salary of at least AED 50,000
5Golden Visa for High School Students5 YearsMust be one of the leading students in a UAE-based high school
6Golden Visa University Graduates10 YearsA university degree issued by one of the accredited universities in the UAE, attested by the UAE Ministry of Education
7Golden Visa for Doctors / Scientists10 YearsMust be licensed to practice medicine in Abu Dhabi /Have a
recommendation from the Emirates Scientists Council
8Golden Visa for Inventors10 YearsMust have a patent with an added value to the UAE’s economy
9Golden Visa Specialists in Priority Educational Areas10 YearsHave an attested degree certificate in one of the rare educational specialties with high priority in the UAE, including education, training, managing, and caring for people with special needs
10Golden Visa for Educators in Early Childhood10 YearsMust hold an approved certificate in the fields of early childhood and child development and Must have at least 3 years of work experience
11Golden Visa for Executive Specialists in Science and Engineering10 YearsA Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education. An employment contract in one of the disciplines, attested by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisaton
12Golden Visa for Ph.D. Holders10 YearsHave a doctorate degree attested by the UAE Ministry of Education
13Golden Visa for Creatives10 YearsMust be talented in the fields of art and culture. Minimum art-related experience is 10 years. you need to provide a certificate from DCT
14Golden Visa for Sportsmen10 YearsBelong in one of the following categories: Players, Trainers, Referees, Sports therapists and physicians, Sports talents, Sports celebrities, and local and international public sports figures. Sports celebrities and local and international public sports figures
15Golden Visa for Startups10 YearsEntrepreneurs can now avail of Golden Visa under three categories – (1) startup is registered in the country, (2) should fall under SME, (3) and annual revenue should be Dh1 million or above.
16Golden Visa for Skilled workers10 YearsA Bachelor’s degree, a valid contract of employment, and a line of employment must fall under the occupational level one or two as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and a minimum monthly salary of Dh30,000.
17Green Visa5 YearsSkilled workers, self-employers, and freelancers are eligible. Must be Bachelor’s degree and minimum salary AED. 15,000/- Per Month.
18Multi-entry tourist visa5 YearsApplicant should have a bank balance / its equivalent USD.4,000/- (AED.14,700) Last six months. Visa holders can stay a maximum of 180 days.
19Business VisaInvestors and entrepreneurs can apply for a business visa without requiring a sponsor or a host.
20Temporary work visaCandidates need to submit a temporary work contract or a letter from the employer and proof of fitness.
21Visa for study/trainingThis visa can be sponsored by both public and private sector educational and research institutes
22Family visaParents could sponsor their male children till the age of 25. Disabled children also get a special permit, and unmarried daughters can be sponsored for an indefinite time.
23Job visawill be granted to bachelor’s degree holders or its equivalent, fresh graduates of the best 500 universities
24Retirement Visa for UAE Residents5 YearsAny one of If the retiree buys a property worth AED 2M / If the retiree has financial savings of up to AED 1M /If the retiree has an active income of AED 20k per month.
25Dubai Medical VisaGranted to those seeking medical treatment in the city. Hospitals in UAE ensure advanced treatment for various medical and cosmetic needs