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VAT Deregistration in Dubai

VAT Deregistration Services in Dubai

VAT deregistration in Dubai is a process businesses undertake to cancel their VAT registration with the UAE Federal Tax Authority. It may be done voluntarily or due to specific conditions outlined in the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017.

This article aims to provide an overview of VAT deregistration services in Dubai and highlight the eligibility criteria, steps involved, consequences of late deregistration, voluntary deregistration, and more. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free process, businesses can seek the expertise of Singiri & Co, a trusted VAT deregistration service provider in Dubai.

Overview of VAT deregistration services in Dubai

Expert firms like Singiri & Co offer VAT deregistration services in Dubai to assist businesses in cancelling their VAT registration. These services simplify and streamline deregistering the Value Added Tax (VAT) for companies no longer eligible or willing to continue operating under the VAT system.

With extensive knowledge of the regulations and procedures, Singiri & Co provides comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the VAT deregistration process, ensuring a smooth transition for businesses in Dubai.

VAT deregistration can offer several advantages for businesses in Dubai:

  • It eliminates the obligations and responsibilities associated with VAT compliance, such as filing VAT returns and maintaining detailed records. This can save both time and resources for the business.
  • Deregistration can save costs by removing the need to charge VAT on goods or services provided.
  • VAT deregistration can simplify business operations and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Businesses can ensure a smooth and efficient process by opting for professional VAT deregistration services.

There are several situations in which an individual or a business may need to apply for an exemption from VAT to operate:

  1. No Production of Taxable Products for the Next 12 Months: When a business or taxable person ceases to produce taxable products and does not intend to engage in such activities over the next 12 months, they must apply for deregistration from VAT if the business or taxable person ceases to produce taxable products. The business in question no longer falls within the realm of VAT-taxable supplies due to its operational scope no longer falling within the size of the company.
  2. Value of Products in the Previous 12 Months Below Voluntary Registration Margin: A VAT deregistration process is mandatory if, over 12 months, a business or individual continues to make taxable products, but the value of these products cumulatively over that period is lower than the Voluntary Registration margin of AED 187,500, thereby necessitating VAT deregistration. A condition such as this recognizes that the business's taxable activities have yet to reach a significant threshold such that a reconsideration of VAT registration may be warranted.
  3. Value of Products in the Previous 12 Months Below Mandatory Registration Margin After 12 Months of Voluntary Registration: The VAT deregistration process applies to businesses or individuals who have voluntarily registered for VAT and have conducted taxable product transactions within the last 12 months but whose cumulative value is less than the Mandatory Registration margin of AED 375,000 over the past 12 months, and whose voluntary registration has been at least 12 months ago. This provision aims to ensure that businesses that initially chose voluntary registration but later failed to meet the mandatory threshold can withdraw from the VAT system.

Documents required for VAT deregistration

The authorities must provide certain documents to initiate the VAT deregistration process in Dubai. These documents usually include a valid application form for deregistration and supporting documents such as financial statements, tax invoices, and any other relevant records that can verify the need for deregistration. Singiri & Co, as a reputable VAT deregistration service provider in Dubai, can assist businesses in gathering and preparing all the necessary documentation required for a smooth and successful deregistration process.

Timeline for VAT deregistration

The timeline for VAT deregistration in Dubai generally takes around 20 working days from the submission of the application. Singiri & Co, a leading VAT deregistration services provider in Dubai, ensures a smooth and efficient process for their clients.

They assist in preparing the necessary documents, submitting the application, and following up with the authorities to ensure timely deregistration. With their expertise and knowledge of UAE tax laws, Singiri & Co ensures compliance and a hassle-free experience for businesses seeking VAT deregistration.

Penalties for late VAT deregistration

In cases where businesses fail to initiate the VAT deregistration process within the required timeframe, penalties may be imposed. The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) imposes a fine of AED 10,000 for each month of delay in deregistration. This penalty can significantly impact businesses financially.

Businesses must adhere to the timeline for VAT deregistration to avoid these penalties and ensure compliance with the FTA regulations. Seeking professional VAT deregistration services, like those provided by Singiri & Co. in Dubai, can help businesses navigate the process efficiently and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Impact on business operations

When a business chooses to undergo VAT deregistration, it can have a significant impact on its day-to-day operations:

  • They will no longer be required to charge VAT on their sales, which can simplify their pricing structure.
  • They will need to adjust their accounting systems to reflect the change in VAT status. This may involve updating invoices, receipts, and other financial documents.
  • Businesses must comply with any remaining VAT obligations before the deregistration takes effect.

While VAT deregistration can bring certain benefits, it requires careful planning and implementation to mitigate potential disruptions to business operations.

Reasons for voluntary VAT deregistration

There are several reasons why a business may choose to voluntarily deregister for VAT in Dubai. One common sense is if the business ceases its operations or activities in the UAE.

If a company shuts down or sells its assets, it may no longer be required to be registered for VAT. Additionally, if a business falls below the mandatory VAT registration threshold of AED 375,000 in annual turnover, it may opt for voluntary deregistration.

It could also be due to changes like the business or a shift in activities that no longer require VAT registration. Ultimately, voluntary VAT deregistration allows enterprises to streamline operations and avoid unnecessary compliance burdens. Singiri & Co., a trusted VAT deregistration services provider in Dubai, can assist businesses throughout the process.

VAT Deregistration Vs VAT Cancellation

VAT Deregistration and VAT Cancellation are terms often used interchangeably but refer to different processes. VAT deregistration permanently removes a business from the VAT system, while VAT cancellation refers to temporarily suspending a business’s VAT registration.

When businesses opt for VAT Deregistration, they are no longer eligible or required to charge VAT on their goods or services. This can be due to various reasons such as closing operations, selling the business, or if their turnover falls below the mandatory threshold for VAT registration.

On the other hand, VAT Cancellation is usually done when a business needs to suspend its VAT registration temporarily. This could be due to factors like restructuring, mergers, or if the company is going through financial difficulties.

The key difference between the two processes lies in their duration. VAT Deregistration is a permanent action that removes the business from the VAT system. Once deregistered, the company no longer needs to file regular tax returns or submit VAT payments.

In contrast, VAT Cancellation is a temporary measure that allows businesses to pause their involvement in the VAT system for a specified period. During this time, they are not required to collect or pay VAT but may still need to fulfill certain reporting obligations.

Businesses must determine whether to opt for VAT Deregistration or Cancellation based on their specific circumstances and objectives. Consulting with a professional service provider like Singiri & Co can help businesses understand the implications of each option and navigate through the necessary procedures smoothly.

When to opt for VAT cancellation

When considering VAT cancellation, there are certain situations where it becomes necessary. One such scenario is when a business is permanently closing down or ceasing operations in Dubai. VAT cancellation is also applicable if the annual turnover falls below the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000 within a consecutive 12-month.

It is important to assess the business’s financial viability and long-term prospects before canceling the VAT registration. Seeking professional advice from reputable VAT cancellation service providers like Singiri & Co. can smoothly guide businesses through this process.

VAT Deregistration for Small Businesses

When it comes to VAT deregistration, small businesses in Dubai have specific considerations to take into account. Singiri & Co, a leading provider of VAT deregistration services in Dubai, understands the unique requirements of small businesses and offers tailored solutions to help them navigate the deregistration process.

With our expertise and knowledge of the regulations, we can guide small businesses through the necessary steps, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing potential disruptions to their operations. Whether it’s determining eligibility, gathering the required documents, or understanding the implications of deregistration, our team is committed to providing comprehensive support to small businesses every step of the way.

Expert VAT Deregistration Services in Dubai

Singiri & Co. provides expert VAT deregistration services in Dubai. With a team of experienced professionals, we offer comprehensive assistance throughout the process, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and the deregistration is completed smoothly.

Our expertise in VAT regulations and procedures allows businesses to navigate the complexities of deregistration effectively. By choosing Singiri & Co., companies can rely on our expertise and knowledge to handle the process efficiently and accurately.

How to Submit Deregistration Form?

A VAT deregistration form in the UAE must be filled out step-by-step to guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements for the procedure. This article provides a detailed explanation of how you can submit the Form to deregister your business:

  1. Fulfill All Deregistration Criteria: Before initiating the VAT deregistration process, you must ensure that your business meets all the criteria outlined by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE for deregistration before proceeding. The cessation of taxable activities is achieved by meeting the conditions stipulated for the end of taxable activities.
  2. Log in to the VAT Account on the FTA Portal: It is possible to access the FTA Portal using the credentials you have for your VAT account. There is an option to initiate the deregistration process in the VAT services section of your account, which can be accessed by navigating to the VAT services section.
  3. Complete the VAT Deregistration Form: You need to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the VAT deregistration form to succeed. Provide the reason for VAT deregistration and ensure it is transparent and complies with the FTA guidelines. Typically, the Form will contain information about the business, the TRN (tax registration number), and its finances.
  4. Receive SMS Confirmation: When you submit the VAT deregistration form, you will receive a confirmation SMS to the registered mobile number associated with your VAT account once you have successfully submitted the Form. As a result of receiving this confirmation, we have received your application.
  5. Submit the Form Electronically: You can complete the VAT deregistration form electronically through the FTA Portal. Ensure you carefully fill out all the required fields on the Form before submitting it. The electronic submission of tax returns simplifies and facilitates the process for the tax authorities to process them more quickly.
  6. Check Application Status: As soon as you submit your application for VAT deregistration, you can check the status of your application on the FTA Portal. There will be an initial approval status of “pre-approved” on the application. However, final approval won’t be given until all outstanding tax liabilities have been cleared.
  7. Clear All Liabilities for Approval: Any outstanding tax liabilities must be cleared to receive final approval for VAT deregistration. As soon as all financial obligations have been met, we will update the status of your application to “Approved.”

Important Note:

The VAT cancellation process should be reconsidered if you plan to continue business operations or anticipate making new investments within the next twelve months. If this is the case, it may be more strategic to retain the Tax Registration Number (TRN), file a tax return with zero liability, and retain the TRN.

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