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Fraud Investigation Audit in UAE

Fraud Audit Services in Dubai

We offer cost-effective fraud audit services in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman UAE. Whether the business of the clients is of small-scale operating or medium-sized enterprises, we serve them with the best quality possible. You may know about financial auditing services offered by Singiri & Co. Here, added one more service that we specialize in and provide to clients related to Fraud investigation audit services. Other than financial auditing services, there is fraud Audit services that can we know about!

Singiri & Co. works well with the team in providing services related to accounting, auditing, business setup, and tax Management Consultancy. They have years of experience in auditing services. With their innovative and professional approach, their services help the clients to reduce the risk and grasp the opportunities. Our qualified team of experts is trained to provide reliable consultancy services along with Part-Time Accounting, VAT auditing, Business setup advice, ERP Implementation, and Financial Planning while meeting standards professionally.

What is Fraud Investigation Audit

A fraud audit is an inspection and investigation process done by a team of experts in detail to identify the fraud. The fraud related to maintaining financial records, terror finance, forgery, and money laundering. A fraud audit includes a detailed investigation of financial records, tracing statements, and documents of the company. Fraud audit services are provided to the business to detect the frauds affecting the business.

Our team of Singiri & Co. helps the client to know the fraudulent activities that are affecting the company adversely. These frauds adversely affect the financial status of the company along with the interests of the investors and other stakeholders. We adhere to the rules and regulations of the company along with meeting its accounting standards and policies.

Singiri & Co. ensures to get reliable, accurate, and authentic results of such fraud investigation or audit services. We have experienced and independent auditors who work systematically and strictly while examining the financial records and statements. These fraud audits are common and specialized to be performed by most of the companies in the United Arab Emirates.

We work to identify fraudulent activities to stop their future impact on the company and its business survival. We hire skilled, experienced, and qualified fraud auditors in the UAE for these types of fraud audit services. If any type of fraudulent activity has been detected in a company, it is reported then and there to legal firms and law enforcement authorities in the UAE. They further investigate such frauds to penalize or to have corrective measures.

What We Do in Fraud Audit Service

Singiri &Co. auditing services include fraud audit that applies to all firms. Whether the firms are of small scale or large scale in size, fraud auditing services can be offered to them. Based on true evidence, fraud acts are suspected and detected. With the accepted methodologies and standards, we trace and confirm the evidence and perform fraud audit services in the UAE.

Many firms offer Fraud audit services in Dubai and the UAE. But, here we have a different and unique, innovative, and professional approach for such fraud audit services. Such services include the following;

  • Firstly, we ensure and confirm the fraud-related evidence received us being true.
  • After going through the financial statements, reports, and transactions, we trace and identify the peculiarity of such transactions.
  • Then, getting some suspicious variance in the standard, quality, or methodologies of financial statements, we start to investigate.
  • Fir detecting the extent of any fraudulent activity, we start auditing services related to Fraud investigation.
  • Then, we assist the clients with our consultancy services for improving the wrong audited financial reports.
  • These consultants aim to avoid future instances of fraud
  • Lastly, we assist the clients in recovering loss from fraud if possible to an extent.

Importantly, There is a need for an audit after the financial statement is prepared. To know there is no keyhole in the financial reports. Neither any fraudulent activities occurred in reporting or recording the financial data. These fraud investigation audits are necessary.

Singiri &Co. Offers the same services for the betterment of the clients and their company by offering them Fraud Audit services. We help clients by offering them objective assessment services of the company’s financial position. We have records of conducting positive and successful fraud audits in Dubai and the UAE. For more queries and references, you can contact us on our websites. We offer services both online as well as offline for the convenience of clients. We offer services in as many ways as possible like,

  1. Our expert team of qualified, skilled, experienced, and certified Auditors are concerned with the detection of fraud. We trace and detect the fraud by proper analysis and investigation. We consider proven tracks, records, data analytics, and other financial statements-related shreds of evidence for confirmation and avoiding future instances of fraud.

  2. We access, analyze, review, and then assist the clients to solve the issue and areas of risk. Even after recommending the clients to recover the loss of fraud and have corrective measures.

  3. We assure the client’s stakeholders, such as investors, creditors, and regulatory agencies, of the accurate and authentic results of financial statements through these fraud audit services.

  4. Our team of expert auditors even advises and recommends the clients and their businesses about areas of improvement for their future business control. Moreover, to avoid future frauds through any type of keyhole while making internal controls to implement much stronger.

To choose the best, experienced, and reputed firm for accounting, tax and audit consultancy services in Dubai. We the team of Singiri & Co. are ready to serve you. We have qualified and certified staff and a team of auditors to manage your firms with fraud auditing services. We even serve you with the International Accounting and Reporting Standards. Singiri & Co. All set and trained to offer you all levels of professional standards and quality in our services. We help clients and their business firms to grow and expand with our auditing and consultancy services.

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